Our Partners

Brother's Keeper
Through our partnership with Brother's Keeper, their residents have access to immediate and ongoing healthcare. Marram may also refer patients to the shelter and other community services that Brother's Keeper provides.

Continuum of Care Network of NWI
To help patients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, Marram partners with the Continuum of Care of NWI, a community system that provides housing and services.

Edgewater Health
Marram partners with Edgewater Behavioral Health Services to provide patients with short-term therapy and long-term specialty care for behavioral health.

Gary Public Transportation Corp.
Simply getting to a healthcare provider is the first step towards better health. Gary Public Transporation Corp. offers over 100 bus stops per weekday within a short walking distance of our clinic.

Methodist Hospital
Methodist Hospital provides services to Marram patients by referral. These services include lab tests, radiology and diagnostic X-ray services, obstetrical care, and hospitalization.

Sojourner Truth House
Marram partners with the Sojourner Truth House so their residents have access to healthcare. Marram also refers patients to the shelter and community services provided by Sojourner Truth House. 

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